A travel agency isn’t about booking reservations and selling holiday packages; it’s about delivering a tailored travel management service to every client while providing cost savings and firsthand knowledge that translates into customer satisfaction. Our customized approach requires that we focus on you, your needs and expectations and that we deliver a totally satisfying experience that earns us the right to be your travel management company for a lifetime.



We create personalized travel experiences in Egypt that become cherished, lifelong memories, catering to those who seek to go beyond all the clichés and discover the heart and pulse of both historic and contemporary Egypt.

We take you deep inside the worlds of Egypt, architecture, art and culture, ensuring that you truly experience Egypt, providing insider’s access to a huge range of fabulous individuals and places in Egypt that are simply not available elsewhere.

It has been our great privilege over the last fifteen years to share our beloved Egypt with travelers from across the globe – please do get in touch and let us help you craft an Egyptian journey like no other.


A sub Brand acting under Nicolas Tours’ umbrella dedicated to serving the travelers who enjoying traveling with groups with the highest quality, premium services, competitive prices and clarity in handling details and information.

We allocate all the necessary resources to help you find the perfect travel package to so many destinations that will enable you to celebrate with family and friends, refresh yourself by escaping from life’s everyday pressures or enjoy new and exotic places around the world.

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20 Years serving travelers coming to Egypt and flying out of Egypt to the world convenience and satisfaction is our target. Plan it and we will make it happen, we will make it real!